IT’S ON! Bolshevik Bernie Goes After Sleepy Joe With New Campaign Ad Featuring President Obama (VIDEO)

Written by K. Walker on March 5, 2020

Bernie has finally decided it’s time to give up the “Mr. Niceguy” routine. The DNC is out to get him, so he’s fighting back.

With the majority of candidates bowing out of the race, it seems that the Democratic primary is really down to two candidates — Bolshevik Bernie Sanders and Sleepy Joe Biden.

It’s really a fascinating turn of events.

On the one hand, you’ve got a Bernie Sanders:

  • who isn’t really a Democrat at all — Sanders calls himself a “democratic socialist” and sits as an Independent Senator from Vermont
  • who was kicked out of a commune for being lazy
  • has never had a real job, instead he has made a career out of sucking off the government teat
  • wrote some very weird articles about sex back in the 60s and 70s with nonsense like suggesting that women who don’t orgasm enough are more prone to cancer, and the disturbing suggestion that children should walk around naked and be able to “touch each other” to end the pornography industry.
  • can always find a good thing to say about brutal, authoritarian communist dictators
  • has advocated for the nationalization of banks and the energy industry
  • is currently wanting to move to single-payer healthcare
  • wants to bully the drug companies to reduce their rates
  • although he is ethnically Jewish, has filled his campaign with anti-semites and nutty leftist extremists.
  • his followers, the “Bernie Bros”, are some of the most vicious bigots on the internet
  • his low-level campaign staffers long for a “revolution” and sing the praises of gulags

On the other hand, you’ve got Joe Biden:

  • a confused septuagenarian who doesn’t always know where he is or who he is with
  • seems to be even older than his 77 years with his talk of record players, stock market coupons, and haberdasheries
  • has failed twice before to clinch the nomination
  • can’t seem to get basic facts straight about the stories he tells or remember the Declaration of Independence
  • has a history of sniffing women and children
  • is running away from the 1994 Crime Bill which is perhaps the only real positive thing that he accomplished in his Senate career
  • has managed to leverage his position as Senator and Vice President to enrich half of his family including his troubled son, Hunter
  • but, at least Joe has been a Democrat for his entire career

Bernie had the popular support in 2016, but the Democratic Party rigged the primary against him because the Heir Apparent was Hillary who had flexed her checkbook to save the party coffers that Obama had emptied.

But Bernie knows that he needs to win over black voters, and he’s been failing at that so far. The comrades behind Bernie’s campaign decided to do something about this by linking Bernie to the very popular first black president, Barack Obama.

The new ad features Obama praising Sanders for his authenticity, passion, and fearlessness. The audio comes from Sanders’ 2006 Senate run as well as clips from 2016 when the Democrats were trying to pretend that they hadn’t just robbed Bernie of the nomination.

The ad is an absolutely brutal slap in Joe Biden’s face whose entire campaign is based on being President Obama’s Vice President.

The Bernie camp has put out more anti-Biden ads as well.

Here’s one that has audio of Sleepy Joe saying that he wanted to cut social assistance programs.

Here’s another about Biden voting for trade deals that have hurt blue-collar workers.

Clearly the gloves are off.

This should be interesting.

The demographics made all the difference in the Super Tuesday results

Sanders crushed it with younger voters. Looking across all the contests with an exit poll, Sanders won an astounding 61% to Biden’s 17% among voters under 30 years old. He even beat Biden by 20 points (43% to 23%) among those between 30 years old and 44 years old.

Sanders, however, struggled mightily with older voters. Biden won by 22 points (42% to 20%) with voters 45 years old to 64 years old. With senior citizens (those 65 years and older), Sanders managed to come in third with 15% (behind Biden’s 48% and former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg’s 19%).

Now you might be tempted to look at those numbers and see that Sanders won those under 45 years old by more than he lost those 45 years and older.

The problem for Sanders is the under 45 group make up a smaller piece of the pie. In no Super Tuesday state with an exit poll did those under 45 years old make up more than 42% of voters. Those under 45 years old were just 35% of the electorate in the median state.
Source: CNN

Democrats have narrowed their field of (what felt like) 386 awful candidates down to two awful candidates.

And people have some strong feelings about the candidates…

Well, that was awful!

But it’s still not as awful as Bernie shivving Biden with a faked endorsement from Obama.

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