MEME OF THE DAY: In Honor Of Pocahontas Dropping Out Of The Race — Here Are The BEST Warren Memes

Written by Wes Walker on March 5, 2020

The real tragedy about today’s announcement is all those unmade memes that will be soaring off to the Happy Hunting Grounds, unenjoyed.

Let us take a moment and appreciate some of the memes that were born into this world and got to see the light of day before she crashed and burned.

Here the meme-ers sing a sad song in memoriam…

Who could forget this instant hit, the tune of Chariots of Fire…

The least likable?

Poor Hillary, the public has forgotten about her already!

Like Chris Christie’s kamikaze takedown of Marco Rubio, or Tulsi Gabbard’s shivving of Kamala Harris, Warren’s final victory wasn’t so much helping her own chances, but playing spoiler.

Warren’s big claim to fame in this race was how ruthlessly she took the scalp of Mini Mike Bloomberg.

Is there anything she would have done differently?

Nah, Pocahontas has …