Journos Ask Trump Why He Keeps Calling COVID-19 The ‘Chinese Virus’

Written by Wes Walker on March 19, 2020

The same ‘crackerjack’ media that can supposedly peer into Trump’s true and hidden ‘racist’ motives for policy decisions somehow can’t understand decisions that he explicitly explains.

Isn’t it almost starting to look as though natural intellect and curiosity are disqualifying characteristics for gainful employment in major news outlets?

Ever since Trump has doubled down with calling this virus explicitly Chinese in origin, the Woke Brigade are trying to make him pay for his ‘sins’, with some pretty outlandish claims about just WHO might be ‘at risk’ over it.

This leads us to the ‘crisis of the day’.

Are reporters asking probing questions about financial implications of the shutdown? Updates on treatment options? Supplies of PPD? About some cities relaxing enforcement of certain property laws? Supply chain of Personal Protective Devices?

Even a question about burnout or exposure risks of health care and nursing home workers on the front lines?

Nope. THIS was the question burning in the hearts of reporters:

He was asked a similar question, before that, in which he explained his reasons for calling it an explicitly Chinese virus.

It doesn’t get more clear than what he said from about the 35-second mark:

Maybe they should have actually listened to his answer… instead of just the one supplied to them by Chinese propagandists and apologists.

Then they wouldn’t have to invent a rationale out of whole cloth.

Unless of course… they are motivated by something OTHER than ‘reporting the news’.

As we all know, the Fake News NEVER has anything to say that isn’t out of the absolute PUREST of motives… right?



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