Justin Trudeau Now Quarantined As Wife Tests Positive For Wuhan CoronaVirus

Published on March 13, 2020

It turns out that G7 leaders are not immune from encountering the Wuhan coronavirus either…

Canada’s Justin Trudeau is back in the news. No, he isn’t wearing Blackface or writing some stupid eulogy to a Cuban tyrant again.

This time he’s in the news because he’s in quarantine.

His wife managed to pick up China’s newest gift to the planet: the Wuhan Coronavirus. That’s right, Mrs. Trudeau (Sophie) is the first member of the immediate family of a G7 head of state to come down with Covid-19.

Official statement:

Sophie gave a message to the public through an official:

Of interest is the fact that she had just returned from a speaking event overseas:

Mrs Trudeau was in the United Kingdom to attend the WE Day UK Charity event and concert, which was held in London last Tuesday, March 3.

Idris Elba, Jamie Oliver, race car driver Lewis Hamilton and former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard were also present at the event. —DailyMail


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