Coronovirus Timeline: Let’s Compare How Trump & Dems Responded In Real Time

Written by Wes Walker on March 13, 2020

To hear the Dems and their media flunkies, you’d think Dems have all the answers and Trump is a rank incompetent. But does that claim really hold up?

GOP chair, Rona McDaniel gives us perspective by taking a step back and walking us through the timeline.

It really comes down to a question of priorities.

The Dems are carrying on about how deeply concerned they are about this looming threat and how badly it has been — they claim — mishandled.

First, let’s have some context from someone who knows a thing or two about vaccine production:

Don’t expect CNN to give him any credit for cutting away the red tape that would let that happen.

But now let’s roll back the clock and see how both parties have been spending their time since it first came on the scene:

So, not only did Coronavirus not register as an important issue on the part of the Democrats, the few times they weighed in was to scream their tired old mantra of ‘Orange Man Bad’.

Jan 31 is particularly telling. But the other ones too emphasize the vindictive attitude of Democrats looking for political blood of their rivals while the Trump took specific steps to get ahead of this threat to our country — even when it required solutions that might be politically damaging and unpopular, like closing borders to Chinese trade and travel.

In hindsight, that step has proven to have bought us time to prepare for what will eventually come to our own shores in one way or another. But hopefully, by then, we will have the protective measures we need to mitigate the harm as much as can be reasonably accomplished.