Kamala Harris Shows Us Why You Can Never Take Dem Smears At Face Value

Written by Wes Walker on March 9, 2020

The next time a Democrat denounces a ‘deplorable’ as racist, sexist, whatever-the-Hell-they’re-calling-us-next, show them THIS story.

Democrat mud-slinging should either be taken seriously as a permanent stain against the character of the person it has leveled against… or it should be dismissed as bald-faced, raw political opportunism?

Kamala Harris used the occasion of her participation in an event commemorating the Civil Rights movement to throw her enthusiastic support behind one Joe Biden.

Some of you who have already forgotten she was ever in the race in the race in the first place might wondering as we bring this up: ‘and…?’

Is her endorsement really that important? Probably not. For all intents and purposes, the party is lining up between their preference of the two remaining candidates.

[Sorry Tulsi, you are the one woman in the race that won’t get to ‘count’, mostly because you won’t play by establishment rules OR play by the activist establishment rules.]

The endorsement doesn’t matter because it will change the final vote any — who really cares about the endorsement of some chick that got outed for sleazing her way up the political food chain?

The endorsement matters because it shines a light on the true nature of the Left’s personal political attacks.

Back when Kamala Harris was still thought to have an outside chance at being a 2020 Democratic finalist, she got a lot of press for the political icepick she jabbed between Biden’s shoulderblades. Onlookers weren’t really sure if Biden could even recover from that hit in a party that was best known for its ‘intersectional’ commitments.

He got blasted as a racist over the bussing issue… by someone who used the busses he opposed. He also forgot that there was a woman of color from the Senate, right there on stage with him.

Suddenly, all is forgiven.

Why? Because it has become more politically expedient to forgive his ‘racist’ past than it is to continue denouncing him.

Accusations of racism are NOT a ‘principled’ attack from the Left.

They usually aren’t.

They are a convenient way to destroy the politician without having to go through the trouble of engaging the message.

This becomes especially important when their own message and candidates are indefensible and running contrary to the deeply-held values of whoever they are hoping to represent.

Just say the other guy is some variation of ‘orange man bad’, and you are fighting the good fight of virtue, love and justice. Suddenly you don’t have to answer any hard questions about why your ideas haven’t worked any place they actually HAVE been tried. Or why so many of your biggest financial backers are accused of doing unspeakable things that run so contrary to the values you claim to represent.