Two More Gaffes: Sleepy Joe Accidentally Endorses Trump & Gets His Own Name Wrong

Written by Wes Walker on March 9, 2020

He hasn’t even made it out of the Primaries and poor Joe already looks like he desperately needs a rest.

When Biden called himself a ‘Gaffe Machine’ he wasn’t kidding.

But lately, his gaffes have really been swinging for the fences. It’s hard to say which of these ones is more embarrassing.

Here is a BERNIEBRO account posting what Biden said in front of another group of supporters:

He tried three times to make his point and whiffed on all three of them. This clip is the political equivalent of striking out in a game of T-ball. And he hopes to go against Trump?

Questions have been swirling around Biden’s mental fitness, about whether he’s ‘lost a step’ or has begun to become senile.

But really, you need even go down that road to explain what is happening here.

It can be just as easily explained away with the nickname Trump pinned on him maybe a year ago — ‘Sleepy Joe’.

Heavy ravel and campaigning can take a lot out of a guy — even young folks like athletes and musicians who do it professionally can begin to feel the strain of it.

You don’t even have to play the dementia card when there’s a simpler explanation. Joe Biden is showing clear signs of mental fatigue. He can’t handle the demands of rigorous campaigning.

This isn’t an age thing, either. Bernie and Trump both seem to be up for the task — at least so far. But Biden is already having trouble keeping up.

If he’s already dropping the ball this badly during a mere campaign season, what will it mean if he were to somehow find his way behind the Resolute desk, facing the demands of office that even a much younger Clinton recently admitted weighed heavily on his shoulders?

Or have we already forgotten that he described his time in office as a boxer facing 30 rounds in a 15-round prize fight, and he needed the ‘distraction’ of having an intern blow his whistle, as it were?

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If Biden can’t keep up with the campaigning, how can he possibly stand up to the rigors of being President in a role that leaves men much younger than himself visibly much older after just 8 years in office?