Lefty Journo Mocks Coronavirus Task Force Praying — Gets OWNED On Twitter

Written by Wes Walker on March 3, 2020

There is a growing cultural bias against Christian belief… one that assumes there is a conflict between faith and science. Here’s yet another example.

VP Pence took a moment to pray before beginning his meeting looking for solutions in the Coronavirus threat to which he has been assigned to organize a response.

For anyone needing a reminder that faith and science are not natural enemies, here is a partial list (from ‘What if Jesus had Never Been Born’) of branches of science or mathematics who owe their existence to Christan founders…

Antiseptic surgery — Joseph Lister
Bacteriology — Louis Pasteur
Calculus — Isaac Newton
Celestial Mechanics — Johannes Kepler
Chemistry — Robert Boyle
Comparative Anatomy — Georges Cuvier
Computer Science — Charles Babbage
Dimensional Analysis — Lord Rayleigh
Dynamics — Issac Newton
Electronics — John Ambrose Fleming
Electrodynamics — James Clerk Maxwell
Electromagnetics — Michael Faraday
Energetics — Lord Kelvin
Entomology of Living Insects — Henri Fabre
Field Theory — Micheal Faraday
Fluid Mechanics — George Stokes
Galactic Astronomy — Sir William Herschel
Gas Dynamics — Robert Boyle
Genetics — Gregor Mendel
Glacial Geology — Louis Agassiz
Gynecology — James Simpson
Hydrography — Matthew Maury
Hydrostatics — Blaise Pascal
Ichthyology — Louis Agassiz
Isotopic Chemistry — William Ramsey
Model Analysis — Lord Rayleigh
Natural History — John Ray
Non-Euclidean Geometry — Bernard Reimann
Oceanography — Matthew Maury
Optical Mineralogy — David Brewster

Keep that list in mind as you see this guy freak out over a photo:

He had more to say…

Great ‘reporting’ there, slick. You’re a real credit to your profession.

This is why we call them ‘presstitutes’.

The internet had a lot to say in response:

Reactions ranged the gamut.

Those who called him out criticized the bigotry or pointed out the hypocrisy of others sharing his view. Others cited the long history of prayer among our national leaders.

How relevant is the pearl-clutching here and assumption that this administration is somehow singularly unfit and unprepared for the situation we now find ourselves in?

According to Forbes — no great friend of conservative politicians — we’re doing pretty well.

If you want a little perspective on this question, you need only look at what’s happening in Iran at the moment: