LISTING THEIR LIES: Jesse Watters Is NOT Letting Media Off The Hook For Bogus Virus Reporting (Video)

Written by Wes Walker on March 23, 2020

Just HOW many bogus accusations against the President need to be exposed before they can’t all be dismissed as honest mistakes?

Jesse Watters isn’t clowning around in this clip.

It looks like he’s tired of the media playing games with the fears of the American public. And he’s doing something about it.

Even just within the Chinese Coronavirus reporting of the last couple of months, the ‘respectable’ media has been busted peddling a lot of bogus stories.

While it’s by no means a complete list of their malfeasance, in this clip Jesse knocks down some of the worst offenders.

1) Trump administration did NOT cut funding for the CDC. In fact, it went up each year under Trump’s Presidency.

2) Trump did NOT get rid of the pandemic unit at the National Security Council — it was moved to another division with a different title.

3) Trump administration did NOT refuse to accept testing kits from the World Health Organization. WHO doesn’t even SELL testing kits. We built our own test kits like every other country. The making of test kits WAS slowed down — due to policy regulations that are being corrected.

4) Trump has NOT muzzled his scientists. China did that. OUR scientists are on TV every single day.

5) Trump did NOT tell governors ‘you’re on your own’ with having to buy ventilators. The federal government is just backing them up if they can’t get them themselves.

6) Trump did NOT call Coronavirus a ‘hoax’. He called the Left’s attempt to weaponize the virus against him a hoax.

7) The American people DO approve of the way the President is handling the crisis

8) The President said Google was working with him to find a virus testing website for all Americans. The Press said that Google had no plans to do this. That was fake news.