LMAO: Politico Got ‘Fact-Checked’ On Facebook For Spreading FAKE NEWS — Here’s The 411

Written by K. Walker on March 2, 2020

Not just them, either. It’s a pretty awkward situation for those who presume to fact-check others.

What was it Jesus said about picking the plank out of your own eye before looking at removing the splinter in someone else’s?

In this clown-world that we live in, a meme account on Twitter also fact-checked a Washington Post syndicated columnist.

Well, at least Dana is very clear about who he is to his 118K followers:

Oooh. That snarky line came back to bite him, didn’t it?

Steve Guest, the rapid response director for the GOP also fact-checked this idea that it’s the Trump administration that is politicizing the Coronavirus.

Meanwhile, everyone on the left would wish that Trump not ‘politicize’ a national crisis like this.


This is from the same fair-minded people who suggested to rename it #TrumpVirus?

We’ve got a couple of suggestions of our own — beginning with what you can do with that advice.


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