Madonna’s Creepy Bathtub Virus Musing Spawns Immediate Parody

Written by Wes Walker on March 23, 2020

Madonna’s been weird forever, but this is just creepy. Now that she’s too old to be a sex symbol she’s desperately seeking new ways to be an attention whore. It’s not working out quite how she planned.

She’s a used-up husk of her former self.

How can she get the attention she so desperately craves?

Hollywood singing ‘Imagine’ flopped badly, so she won’t do that.

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Instead, she’s going to be just like the rest of us.

She’s going to sit in her bathtub, naked, while filming herself burping up philosophical musings about the cultural significance of a virus not discriminating on the basis of things like wealth, race or neighborhood.

She’s using a very practiced maudlin voice to do it.

It’s tough to say whether the pathetic or creepy vibe in this video stands out as dominant.

She deleted it… but the Internet is forever.

Carpe Donktum — Trump’s favorite meme-maker — added some effects to the video to mock her pseudo-seriousness.

The humorless Press would call this clip ‘doctored’.

Here he is mocking her with ‘deep thoughts’ of his own.

The toilet in the tub was a nice touch, don’t you think?


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