MEME OF THE DAY: Trump Gives CNN The Loony Tunes Treatment (Video)

Written by Wes Walker on March 10, 2020

Sometimes, it feels like Trump has CNN on a string and pulls them right where he wants them.

Other times, it feels like he knows just the right thing to say so that they fly into some kind of a ridiculous rage, only to look like chumps when the full story comes out.

How many retractions did they have to make over Russia, Russia, Russia — including some people getting fired — but they STILL can’t help but invoke Putin’s name.

Their attack first, ask questions second, approach keeps getting them in over their heads. You can probably thank those 9am Zucker meetings for that.

But again and again, Trump exposes them for the sham of a ‘news service’ they really are.

Remember that really lame video of Trump feeding the koi fish in Japan, where they edited the video to make it look like Trump dumping his whole box of fish food was some kind of an international incident, rather than Trump following his counterpart’s lead in a social setting.

It’s one small example of what Trump’s been dealing with the whole time. But he still manages to come out on top.

Throughout this Presidency, Trump has been like Bugs Bunny, and CNN is like the opera singer in that old Loony Tunes classic:

Sure would be a shame if this video went viral, wouldn’t it?

The Fake News CNN would NOT be happy about that.

Not at all.