OOPS! Feminists Accidentally Firebomb Themselves In Pro-Abortion Protest (VIDEO)

Written by K. Walker on March 10, 2020

This International Women’s Day march was a real BANG.

On Sunday, a large group of women gathered in front of Mexico City’s main cathedral and in front of the National Palace, the official residence of Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

Thousands of women marched to protest violence against women as well as to express support for abortion.

Several news outlets report that there were men protesting against abortion while yelling vulgar slang and making Nazi salutes when they clashed with the women.

The incidents reflected an undercurrent of anger throughout the day, in which the city government said 80,000 people marched through Mexico City’s historic core to the public square fronting the cathedral and National Palace.

Wearing green bandanas symbolizing support for abortion rights, at least a dozen women ripped down banners describing abortion as femicide and set them on fire.

Violence against women is a huge issue in Mexico and one woman at the protest expressed how bad the problem is. “They’re killing 10 women a day,” said Daniela Garcia, a 33-year old preschool teacher. She added that she was particularly upset by the recent kidnapping and murder of a 7-year-old girl.

The protests became violent with some women in black masks used hammers to damage cars, overturn a van, and tear down a metal barrier around the Bank of Mexico.

The protesters also set fire to pro-life signs, overturned a van, graffitied the palace walls, and sang a feminist song while performing a dance.

Of course there was a dance. There’s always a dance.

But the big moment was when one of the Molotov cocktails was thrown at police burst in a crowd setting a female journalist’s pants on fire.

At the doors to the National Palace where the president lives, activists tossed Molotov cocktails over a contingent of policewomen in riot gear who were among nearly 3,000 female officers deployed during the march.

One of the homemade bombs burst amid a cluster of protesters, setting the pants of a female photographer from newspaper El Universal on fire. The newspaper said she was hospitalized with second-degree burns.
Source: Jerusalem Post

Normally pro-abortionists are doing damage to babies in the womb rather than themselves and the friendly journos around them.

It’s no surprise that the pro-abortionists who commit violence on the unborn would be violent in their protest.

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