MSNBC Reporter Asks Latino Man If His Daughter Is Supporting Bernie — She’s Voting For Trump

Written by Wes Walker on March 4, 2020

Watch how surprised the reporter gets when she learns the truth!

One reporter took her interpreter to East LA for a Super Tuesday story, finding out whether some of the locals favored Biden or Bernie Sanders.

She interviewed a shopkeeper, and asked his preference.

He was leaning toward Bernie Sanders.

When pressed for reasons ‘why’, he couldn’t really answer it.

The reporter drew the wrong inference from that answer and asked if it was his daughter that was ‘leading the charge’ for Bernie.

She did not get the answer she was expecting.

She’s voting for Trump.

Her voice pitched up in surprise… ‘why’?

The answer shouldn’t have surprised her. It’s the same answer that Bill Clinton chased GHW Bush out of office with.

‘The economy’.

There’s a REASON folks call you ‘MSDNC’… can they possibly figure it out?