WATCH: Cenk Uygur’s Super Tuesday Meltdown Is Almost As Delicious As Election 2016

Written by Wes Walker on March 4, 2020

This Bernie Bro isn’t just anxious — he’s in a full-on panic. Trump’s going to win and he knows it.

Cenk Ugyr, who puts the rage in coverage on ‘The Young Turks’, is a hard-left political commentator who loves Bernie’s policies.

You may remember him as the guy who slowly lost his mind in the election meltdown montage as one state after another flipped Red.

Not only was he freaking out over what happened on Super Tuesday, he personally had his ass kicked in the California primaries.

Naturally, the obnoxious loudmouth is being dragged for that.

(The context of this dig is that TYT is named for the people responsible for the Armenian Genocide. For those who don’t know, this is a holocaust from WWI that gave us the first use of the word ‘Genocide’. Cenk is a literal (Armenian) holocaust denier.)

Cenk HATES Biden as a candidate. And he’s already talking about war.

He has always known the media is in the pocket of the Establishment Democrats. He really didn’t mind when they were busy dogpiling on Trump and spinning one bogus narrative after another, only to see them get disproven and knocked down again and again.

Now that both the establishment and the media have closed ranks and are turning on Sanders to prop up Biden, he’s angry.

He’s angry about the endless lies of the establishment backing Biden.

He’s calling Biden stupid, immoral, of using ‘Stolen Valor’ in his Nelson Mandela lie.

‘Biden is not capable of winning this.’