NBA Player Touched Mics At A Presser As A Joke — He Now Has Coronavirus And The Season Is Suspended

Written by K. Walker on March 12, 2020

Well, that went spectacularly wrong.

Utah Jazz forward, Rudy Gobert, thought that the NBA’s suggested precautions for contracting COVID-19 were silly and over-the-top, so he decided to defy them by touching all of the microphones at a press conference on Monday.

He should have heeded the advice.

The Thursday Jazz vs Thunder game was postponed when Gobert started showing symptoms.

When Gobert tested positive for Coronavirus, the NBA immediately suspended the season.

This wasn’t mindless touching of microphones during a press conference, Gobert clearly stops before leaving the room, making a point of touching all the microphones and laughing as he jogged out of the room

Now every reporter who touched those microphones should be tested for the virus, as will every player who took the court with Gobert.

Source: North Jersey

Great work, Gobert. Now others may have contracted COVID-19 because you thought precautions were a big joke.

Everyone needs to do two things when it comes to the Coronavirus:

  1. Calm down. There is no need to panic. Yes, it is serious, no it’s not the apocalypse.
  2. Take precautions. Careful attention to hygiene is important. Wash your hands often, use hand sanitizer, don’t touch your face, and eliminate contact with those who are vulnerable in case you do contract the virus and don’t yet show symptoms.

Sure, you can start stocking up on a few extra items just in case of quarantine, but you don’t need two years’ worth of toilet paper. Maybe just grab a few cans of soup and some over the counter cold medication.

For more info on what you should have on hand, see this article:

Coronavirus: Virologist’s Advice On How To Prepare Now If COVID-19 Is Declared A Pandemic


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