Norm MacDonald Proves You CAN Still Laugh At Coronavirus — With A Standup Act

Written by Wes Walker on March 27, 2020

He must have filmed this just before everything got shut down.

Some of us remember 9/11 when one of the tests of how resilient the national psyche was included our ability to tell jokes again. Even jokes about *gasp* that.

There was even a short video made about how we groped our way through that process, called “How The American Comedians Learned To Joke After 9/11

And now, we’ve got ourselves another ‘generational’ crisis on our hands.

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Norm MacDonald is leading the way for America by laughing in the face of danger.

Here’s the rest of it:

He’s not saying there IS no danger. He’s just doing what all talented comics do — point out the absurdity and put things in a better context or perspective.

He’s doing his job… teaching us all to laugh.


Our job is to shake off the grip of fear and get ready to move on with our lives as soon as we get the all-clear.

Even better, do what is in our power right now.


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