Rich Black People Problems: Spike Lee Is Upset That He Has To Use The VIP Entrance When He Goes To Knicks Games

Written by Wes Walker on March 4, 2020

Oh, listen to how the gazillionaire director plays the victim card when he finds out he has to use the same entrance as all the OTHER VIPs.

There are plenty of real problems in this world.

Crying foul over the perks you THINK you should or should not be getting with your top-end season NBA tickets is not one of them.

But when Spike Lee is told he can’t use the employee entrance to go to the game, but will instead have to reenter the building through the lowly VIP entrance, Spike put on quite a performance.

We’d forgotten what an insufferable drama queen that cat can be… he almost makes Jim Acosta seem well-adjusted.

Here he is telling his tragic tale of being told to go around and use the other entrance and not the employee entrance due to a policy change.

Yes, he expected to be personally called in advance to have been notified about the policy change of NOT letting VIPs enter through the staff entrance.

Honestly, you’d think someone who sees everything through a lens of race would welcome being told he CAN’T enter through the employee’s entrance and had to enter through the VIP entrance. You know, turning the whole segregation-era concept on its head like that.

But no.

And here is the reply from the Knicks, putting the incident in proper perspective.

The entire encounter sure sounds different after the Knicks have their say, doesn’t it?