Right Or Ridiculous? Meghan McCain Predicts Trump Will Ditch VP Mike Pence If Joe Picks Female Running Mate

Written by K. Walker on March 16, 2020

The harpies on The View were pondering the possibilities of who Joe Biden could choose to join him on the Democratic ticket, and Megan McCain dropped quite the prediction.

On Friday, the usual suspects in the coven were all giddy and cooing over the idea that a woman might be picked by the Democratic front-runner, Joe Biden.

Joy Behar and her melanin-enhanced Mini-Me, Sunny Hostin, were particularly revved up. Behar stressed that it could be any color of woman, as long as it was a woman, and Hostin gave the argument that “studies show” that women are just better at legislating than men.

The group of misandrists were looking at the smorgasbord of possibilities like Amy Klobuchar, Kamala Harris, and failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams.

Sadly, this might just be the best that the Democrats can do.

They’ve hidden away and refused to acknowledge Rep. Tulsi Gabbard(D-HI) who is a visible minority woman who is still in the race because she’s not the “right” kind of Democrat. (And, admittedly, her ideas are a bit crazy sometimes.)

But hey, Republicans (for unknown reasons) chose the “wrong” kind of Republican several times as their nominee. As recently as 2012, we had the Democrat-lite Turncoat, Mitt Romney, and in 2008, we ran “Maverick” John McCain who was a warmonger and thought reaching-across-the-aisle meant abandoning every conservative principle imaginable. So, you know, it’s still an option for them…

Speaking of McCain, Meghan McCain has quite the prediction — and it shows just what she thinks of President Trump.

She said that she believes that Trump is “gangster” and would play the identity politics card if Joe Biden does.

McCain said that she thinks that Trump would drop Mike Pence as his 2020 running mate and bring on former Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley.

Behar surprisingly said that Pence is actually looking good now and compared to Trump whose “luck has been changing.”

Whoopi chimed in and said that there is one woman who should be picked… guess who she is talking about?


The coven on The View thinks that the only thing that is important is that the Vice Presidential pick is a woman.

What an utter load of crap. As a woman, I think it’s better to have a qualified candidate than it is to insist that it’s a woman. If the best candidate is a woman, then great!

We need to stop the nonsense of denying that men and women make different choices and that those choices have consequences. I stayed home with my kids for many years as they were young, but I thought that was a better trade-off than working in a cubicle for 40 hours a week and pay another woman to care for my kids.

It’s hilarious when women on television, who have made different decisions, continue to lecture the rest of us that our choices are wrong and that what we really need is someone “inspiring” to shrug us out of our slumber and wake up to the possibilities that we too, can put our kids in daycare and “have it all.”

Yeah, some of us aren’t willing to make that trade-off, thanks. But I don’t imagine the harridans on The View will understand that at all.

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