CORONAVIRUS Facts Vs. Myths: Dan Bongino Interviews MD For Relevant 411

Written by Wes Walker on March 16, 2020

Tired of the hype? Want some medical opinions rooted in facts and data? Want information that can help you assess the risk levels in your life? Look no further.

Dan Bongino has Dr. Centeno from Regenexx on his interview program and Dan’s asking a LOT of questions.

If you’re looking for some helpful information about the virus itself, answering a lot of the FAQ’s, and even clearing up an erroneous myth that WaPo promulgated, this 45-minute video will cover all the bases.

How will the weather most likely impact the spread of the virus?

Should the talk about it being ‘aerosolized’ concern us?

How long can the virus survive on a surface?

Should we be concerned about shipments from parts of the world that have experienced outbreaks?

The best remedy or cure for senseless panic is facts-based knowledge.


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