She May Not Look It But This Little Lady Is A Real Bad@ss Behind The Drums

Written by Wes Walker on March 9, 2020

When we tell our readers to ‘stay rowdy’ — this is what we mean. DEFY and SURPASS the expectations the world might for you.

If Dorothea rocked up to a jam session where you are, what would you expect her to be there for? To complain about how loud it was? To play the church organ?

Because of her appearance, that’s the reaction she’s gotten more than once.

But put her behind a drumkit, and it’s a whole other story.

They call her the ‘Godmother of Drumming’.

Stick around for the message she ends with. It may be directed at drummers, but it applies to the rest of us, too!

Dorothea Taylor started playing drums at 13 when she joined a drum and bugle corps in her hometown in Michigan. She got her first set of drums in as a junior in high school and joined a band after she graduated, playing five nights a week. She started teaching drumline for her school’s Feeder Corps when she was 17 and has basically been teaching off and on ever since. She’s been in polka bands, rock bands, theater groups, church cantatas, symphony orchestras, jazz trios, and accompanies school concerts when an experienced drummer is needed.

You can find her on Instagram.

Rock on, Dorothea! Rock on!

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