Texas Governor’s Message Of Hope And Perseverance Is The Antidote To Victimhood Mentality

Written by Wes Walker on March 2, 2020

This. Is. Fantastic!

You might say Governor Abbott has had encountered a roadblock or two in his life.

In a time where it’s ‘stunning and brave’ to find yourself in high office when you have the deck stacked against you, not much attention is paid o someone like Greg Abbott, who is busily running Texas from a wheelchair after snapping his back in half in an accident.

He didn’t pack it in. He didn’t give up.

In fact, the path he took just happens to be the surest path to success when you have ANY kind of roadblock thrown in your face.

It only takes him 37 seconds to say what needs saying her… but it’s powerful stuff.

With an attitude like that among its leaders, is it any wonder their economy is so freaking amazing right now?