That’s Just GROSS! Mini Mike Manhandles Communal Food (VIDEO)

Written by K. Walker on March 3, 2020

You’d think that someone who has been criticizing President Trump’s leadership on dealing with the Coronavirus wouldn’t post a video like this.

Former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg has been very critical of the Trump administration’s reaction to the Coronavirus.

He’s using it as a political tool to bludgeon President Trump because, otherwise, things are going pretty well.

When President Trump mocked “Mini Mike” after an awful debate debut in a tweet, Bloomberg shot back that the President should be showing leadership on “real” issues.

Team Bloomberg pushed out a video ad about President Trump’s so-called inaction on Coronavirus.

For the record, President Trump evacuated Americans that were in Wuhan and travel ban restricting foreigners who had been to China while the Partisan Press lambasted him for doing so. That quick, decisive action is why the Coronavirus hasn’t spread as widely (per capita) or as rapidly as it has in other countries. That’s pretty good action, really.

So, how would Mini Mike show his leadership on the spread of a virus? Well, if this video is any indicator, he’d do so by using the worst food-handling practices that I’ve ever seen. (And I once briefly worked in a restaurant that after I saw what happened in the kitchen, I refused to eat the food.)

The video that is going viral on social media shows Mini Mike tear off a piece of the crust of pizza put his fingers his mouth then tear off some more but he leaves the rest of the slice in the box. He then pops it into his mouth, licks multiple fingers, then touches more food containers.

Watch Sloppy Mini Mike spread his mini germs:

That was utterly disgusting!

Meanwhile, President Trump is a well-documented germaphobe…

…who is also a border hawk and is very tough on China. You couldn’t find anyone better than Trump to deal with a potential pandemic coming from China.

When it comes to dealing with a possible pandemic, I’ll take the germaphobe over the slob, thanks.

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