VIDEO: Donna Brazile Goes Off On Unhinged Rant Saying RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel Should ‘Go To Hell’

Written by K. Walker on March 3, 2020

Oh no, she didn’t! You bet your biscuits she did!

Former Democrat National Committee Chair Donna Brazile, who famously wrote a book detailing how the DNC rigged the 2016 Primary against Bernie Sanders, passed along debate questions to Hillary’s campaign, then joined Team “I’m With Her” has joined Fox News as one of their Democrat political pundits.

Today, on America’s Newsroom, hosts Ed Henry and Sandra Smith played a clip of Ronna McDaniel’s comments about the possibility of the Democrats facing a brokered convention and what that might would do to Bernie’s presidential campaign. McDaniel said that if it is a brokered convention, Super Delegates would tilt the balance away from Bernie. Smith then asked Brazile what her thoughts were.

It didn’t go well.

Brazile lashed out and said that all Republicans should “stay the hell out of our race” because she’s tired of hearing from non-Democrats about the Democrat primary process. She then said that Republicans don’t have the same kind of democracy that’s over on the Democratic side. This is true, and frankly, it should be a point of pride — who the hell wants “democracy” that looks like the Iowa caucuses? And what’s wrong with “winner take all” in a primary?

She went on to say that Ronna was using “Russian talking points” to sow division — and then it got very spicy, “Ronna, go to hell!”

Ed Henry can be heard saying, “Oh, wow!” off-camera.

Brazile continued, “No, go to hell! I’m tired of it, Ed. We’re not trying to prevent anyone from becoming the nominee. If you have the delegates and win, you will win. This notion that somehow or another, Democrats are out there trying to put hurdles or roadblocks before one candidate — that’s stupid!”

This particular clip cuts off, but Brazile kept going. Politico covers the rest of her comments:

“They are scared of Democrats coming together to defeat Donald Trump,” she continued. “They need to be focusing on what we’re focusing on in the Democratic Party. And that is preventing foreign interference in our elections. Stop using Russian talking points, Madam Chairwoman. Period. Stop using it.”

McDaniel responded to Brazile’s tantrum on Twitter.

The idea that speculating that the more moderate Democrats would be uncomfortable with Bolshevik Bernie as the nominee isn’t a “Russian talking point.” It’s called politics.

It’s interesting that Bernie seems to have flip-flopped on what it takes to win. Now that he’s winning the popular vote, but may not win the plurality of delegates, he’s now advocating for the popular vote-winner to take the nomination. It seems that rigging the system in one’s favor is just standard operating procedure for Democrats.

Sanders, who is poised to rack up a substantial number of delegates Tuesday, has also broken with the rest of the Democratic field in declaring that the candidate who achieves the plurality of delegates should become the party’s nominee. Biden, Mike Bloomberg and Elizabeth Warren, however, have said the nomination should be awarded to the candidate with the majority of delegates, per party rules that Sanders himself advocated for in 2016.

Meanwhile, the president and his allies have been eager to push the theory that Democratic leaders are seeking to steal the nomination from Sanders — reopening old party wounds from the 2016 Democratic National Convention, which was marred by allegations of anti-Sanders bias.

Source: Politico

Brazile’s rant was noted by some big-name right-wingers who noted that she is saying that only Democrats are allowed to comment on the Democratic race.

A great point made by the inestimable Michael Knowles of <em>The Daily Wire.</em>

(I just love his snarky wit!)

Also, Brazile literally wrote a book that the DNC rigged the primary process against Bernie.


You can read excerpts from her book in this related ClashDaily article:

Did Hillary Just THREATEN Donna Brazile Over DNC Rigged Election Revelation?

But Brazile is standing by her statements and is accusing Ronna McDaniel of throwing shade and insults… which is interesting.

And her Democrat talking point is that any criticism is a Russian talking point. (How original.)

“Useless, flawed talking points” she says. That actually sums up the behavior of the Democrats in the Trump era.

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