The Media(D) Covers For Sleepy Joe After Confrontation With Voter Goes Viral

Written by K. Walker on March 11, 2020

Ah, those partisan Presstitutes are at it again trying to polish a turd called the Biden Presidential Campaign.

Let’s face it, Joe Biden isn’t at his peak performance. Although he’s always been gaffe-prone, these recent flubs have been frequent and on a whole different scale. He can’t remember his name, Barack Obama’s name, where he is, or his own personal history. He’s some clear signs of cognitive decline. But you can’t say that.

Is he showing early signs of dementia? Well, that’s unclear and is really something that a doctor should be assessing.

Joe’s gaffes could simply be from the rigorous pace of campaigning and traveling. Even with Biden’s slower pace on the campaign trail, he’s having difficulty keeping up. Traveling is exhausting for anyone, but it takes a greater toll on the elderly. At 77, Biden is clearly in that camp. Add to that the glad-handing and speeches that politicians make and he’s got to be feeling the effects of months of campaigning. Frankly, this constant fatigue and mental fogginess reveals just how appropriate the “Sleepy Joe” nickname is.

But the press doesn’t want that covered, so they’re going to make this all go away… by making his gaffes normal.

This is pretty rich coming from the crowd that keeps bringing up the 25th Amendment when President Trump says something that they disagree with.

Yes, Readers, the Democrats and the Media(D) — but I repeat myself — who have been pushing for years that Donald J. Trump is mentally unfit for office is now saying that the guy that can’t remember his own name is perfectly fine.

It’s a good grift if you can get it.

Biden supporters, you say, Jennifer? Do you mean like the rest of the Media(D)?

Here’s the basic Media(D) take brought to you by Chris Cillizza:

On Tuesday, while sneaking in some last-minute campaigning in Detroit on the day of the critical Michigan primary, Joe Biden got into an extended confrontation with an autoworker who took issue with the former vice president’s stance on guns…

…A video recently circulated by conservative outlets falsely suggested Biden supports widespread confiscation of guns, according to

Given that mood, it’s hard to see how Biden getting in a shouting match with a guy saying that Biden wants to take away peoples’ guns (fact check: not true) and using a few expletives to make his point is a negative (if it has any impact at all) for him.

There’s also a deeply rich irony here in the Trump campaign trying to suggest that confrontations, generally speaking, and a politician using a few curse words is a bad thing. After all, this President loves confrontation! And cussing! Often in public! And dismissing those who say that he isn’t acting presidential as wimps and whiners!

Yes, this is a huge double standard. When Trump tells people where they can stick it, his fans say he’s being tough and standing up for America. When Biden does the same, he’s unhinged.
Source: CNN

Just as a fact check of the “fact check,” that auto worker was right. In August, Joe Biden told Anderson Cooper that a Biden administration would take away your guns. (And this isn’t a “doctored” video.)

Despite this, the Partisan Presstitutes decided to cheerlead for Sleepy Joe.

CNN’s Political Commentator and Wall Street Journal contributor, Doug Heye, concurs.

Matthew Dowd, Chief Political Analyst at ABC News called the confrontation a “net plus” for Biden.

Fake Republican, CNN contributor, and harridan of The View says that she “loves it” and wants to see “Fighting Joe.”

And, of course, the NeverTrump crowd can’t be counted out to “conserve conservatism” by pushing Joe Biden as someone who can beat Trump in November.

Poor David doesn’t seem to realize that Joe is lying and doesn’t even seem to know what he’s talking about.

Nutty Joy “Somebody Hacked My Blog And Posted Bigoted Things On It” Reid of MSNBC agreed that this showed that Joe was “forceful but composed.”

Although this tweet by Jennifer Rubin (the alleged-Republican for the Washington Post) isn’t directly about this particular incident but about acknowledging the obvious mental decline of 77-year old Joe Biden, it was posted around the time that the video of the confrontation was being shared widely.

Jill Stein who ran for president as the leader of the Green Party in 2016 is a medical doctor and has been tweeting about Biden’s cognitive decline.

Ans she’d taking heat for it.

The Biden Campaign is running with it as a video that puts Joe in a good light. Andrew Bates, Rapid Response Director for the Biden Campaign said that they’d be willing to pay to keep the video spreading.

On the right, many thought that Joe’s confrontation with that Michigan auto worker was a terrible thing.

Well, I guess we’ll see who’s right in November.

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