This Week’s ‘Cold War’ Episode Blows Socialists’ Favorite Myths Straight To Hell

Written by Wes Walker on March 22, 2020

The Democrats LOVED JFK. But what would HE think about what happened to his party since then?

Bill Whittle is a storyteller of the highest order. If you haven’t been keeping up with his series on the Cold War, you’ve been missing out for two reasons.

First, it’s a fantastic retelling of a vital period of American History… getting into some details you’ve probably never heard before.

Second, it’s loaded with information and arguments that land one hammer-blow after another on the Left’s love affair with Socialism.

For example, did you know that Antifa wasn’t the first group to label anyone NOT politically Left of Lenin as ‘fascists’? The Berlin Wall was originally built to stop the hundreds of thousands of Eastern Europeans a year from fleeing Soviet Europe to seek asylum in West Berlin.

But how did the Communists justify building the wall?

Rather than keeping its citizens in, the East German government claimed it erected the Berlin Wall to keep Western fascists, spies and ideas out. Two weeks after ordering the construction of the “Antifaschistischer Schutzwall,” East German leader Walter Ulbricht claimed, “We have sealed the cracks in the fabric of our house and closed the holes through which the worst enemies of the German people could creep.” — History

Antifascist, huh? Gee, isn’t it a mystery why would we EVER associate that with Communism?

But that’s not all.

JFK’s famous Ich bin ein Berliner speech was NOT one that would be friendly to today’s Democrat Socialists of America.

If we had such a thing as an honest media, they’d be asking today’s socialists how they square their vision of the future with that of some Democrat heroes of the past.