WATCH: Financial Bro Calls BS On Virus Crisis — Puts China And CNN On FULL Blast

Written by Wes Walker on March 22, 2020

This businessman is laying a beat-down on China AND the panic-inducing Western media. And did we mention he’s a DEMOCRAT?

This guy is more committed to seeing his COUNTRY do well than he is seeing a Republican Presidency cut short. We used to call that ‘patriotism’.

The media, on the other hand, is happy to carry water for the Chinese Communist party’s propaganda efforts — and whipping the American public into an Economy-crushing panic — so long as it hurts Orange Man Bad come the elections in November.

While everyone else is taking the news as it’s been reported at face value, here’s one guy who sees China using a crisis to make up for losses they incurred in the trade deal. He thinks they are making an economic power play.

This isn’t just the opinion of some basement-dwelling hack, this guy is Senior Vice President — Investment Officer at ElWadi Financial Group.

He’s been watching some financial trends on both sides of the Pacific, and what he’s seeing is raising some serious red flags.

And what he’s got to say about CNN will give Acosta Night Sweats.

Is he on target, way off base, or just giving you something worth chewing over?

Hat tip to Rich from our Warriors and Wildmen duo for bringing our attention to this video.

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