Turning The Tide: Deportations Now Exceeding Border Arrests

Written by Wes Walker on March 10, 2020

The Left loves to blur the distinctions between legal and illegal immigration… but such distinctions matter.

When there is a lawful application at the border, where would-be new Americans play by the rules we have set for ourselves to welcome the right kind of applicants and screen out those we see as risky bets, everybody wins.

But THOSE are not the kind of immigrants the Left gets excited about.

Their passions are reserved for the gate-crashers and fence-climbers who penetrate our borders unlawfully and then demand special treatment even more favorable than what we offer applicants who played by our rules.

When the orchestrated caravans began to surge on our southern border, the only action the Left took was to politicize the handling of anyone apprehended entering the country illegally and demonizing our law enforcement officers.

With ZERO help from the Democrats, Trump’s administration went looking for solutions. Some of them involved our relationships with other countries, some of the involved building the wall, and part of it relied on the successful deployment if ICE and Border Patrol resources.

With all the opposition to solving this illegal immigration problem (which Democrats see as critical to their future political success!) we have finally hit an important milestone.

There are two pieces of good news in this story:

1) We are finally seeing a net DECREASE in those who are unlawfully in the country

2) We are seeing a shift, with fewer children being apprehended at the border.

When the Left was politicializing their ‘children in cages’ and pushing for catch-and-release, the practice of bringing children across the border with you (even if they belonged to someone else) was incentivized. We are now seeing a return to more usual trend of individual adults making the crossing.

The agency further noted there has been a shift in apprehensions away from family units, who were coming primarily from Central America, to single adult Mexicans and unaccompanied minors.

“The processing pathways and repatriation initiatives which have been implemented by the administration have had a profound effect on CBP’s ability to gain operational control of our borders,” said Border Patrol Chief Rodney Scott.

“The Journey is Futile message is resonating with family units, which are at their lowest point since April of 2018. We will continue to utilize every available resource to secure the borders of the United States and keep our communities safe.”

Morgan pointed out in a Thursday tweet that while February saw a slight uptick of 1.3 percent in total apprehensions at the border, that was down significantly from the 30 percent increase from January to February in 2019. — Western Journal


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