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The Real Science Deniers: The Left Is Now Pushing The Denial Of Biological Sex (VIDEO)

The weird critical gender theory stuff that we’ve been seeing in the last few years has ramped up to the actual denial of reality.

According to the critical gender theorists, biological sex does not exist.

The gender activists on the left believe that people are born without biological sex and are simply “blank slates” that then somehow determine their own gender apart from their body parts. They believe that this is true while simultaneously saying that gender is a social construct and if we raise “genderless” children, we will finally eliminate the patriarchy, end misogyny, and have full equality.

Except that now we have biological men competing against biological women in sports and breaking records (and occipital bones.)

The geniuses on the left also don’t seem to realize that denying the biological sexual dimorphism of males and females would essentially eliminate the need for female-based rights and would mean the end of feminism.

It also goes directly against the “born that way” claim of the Alphabet Crowd and eliminates the need for LGBTQ+ activism because it’s all just a sliding scale of gender that is in our minds and has nothing to do with our bodies. It is now being said that it is transphobic to discriminate against dating someone just because you’re not turned on by their wedding tackle.

That’s some galaxy-brain stuff right there.

The video goes into some detail, but here are the highlights:

  1. In 2016, TVO, a Canadian provincial broadcaster, had University of Toronto Gender Studies Professor Nicholas Matte said, “It is not correct that there is such a thing as biological sex.”
  2. Queer Theorist, Judith Butler said, “precisely because female no longer appears to be a stable notion, its meaning is as troubled and unfixed as woman.”
  3. Dr. Anne Fousto-Sterling, a Biology and Gender Studies professor at Brown University, wrote that male and female are not accurate descriptions of biological sex.
  4. An anonymous molecular biologist wrote a thread saying that biological sex can continually be broken down into smaller and smaller changes in the body, thereby putting each individual in their own “bin.”
  5.  Teen Vogue’s video denies biological sex because they claim that since a small percentage of the population are intersex (formerly known as hermaphrodites,) this disproves the gender binary. Besides, gender is about “social factors, as well as political and ideological choices.” 
  6. Chase Strangio a lawyer for the ACLU said, “There is no single biological trait that equates to one’s biological sex” and “That there are typical notions of embodied maleness and femaleness does not mean there is a coherent binary thing called biological sex.” Therefore, males that identify as female don’t have male bodies, but female bodies.
  7. Lena Holzer wrote in an Australian feminist law journal that sexual dimorphic bodies are a product of birth certificates.
  8. Labour politician Dawn Butler says on British televison that babies are born without biological sex.
  9. The pile-on of Maya Forstater who opposed changes to the Gender Recognition Certificate to include self-identification as enough to allow someone to enter single-sex spaces. The employment tribunal deciding her case wrote, “Such a belief that there are only two sexes is incompatible with the human rights of others that have been identified by the European Court of Human Rights” and “Not worthy of respect in a democratic society.”

There is nothing new under the sun, and we’ve seen this kind of thing before.

Sure, these gender “theorists” think that they’re uncovering something new, but they’re not.

Critical gender theorists are pretty much modern-day gnostics that adhere to the duality of spirit and body. They reject the reality of the physical body and instead cling to the reality of the metaphysical psyche or soul as the defining characteristic even if it is in conflict with the physical reality of the body.

Historical Christianity had a word for this kind of belief — heresy.

Of course, if you don’t want to frame this deeply religious worldview in religious terms, you can simply use more colloquial and secular imagery.

K. Walker

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