WATCH: Bernie Bros Crash Biden Rally In Detroit — Sleepy Joe Blames President Trump

Written by Wes Walker on March 10, 2020

Great job, Joe, for that tremendous display of, uh, leadership. You’ve really got Trump on the ropes now!

Biden had himself a little gathering on the campaign trail. A rally of sorts.

And right on cue — with Joe right in the middle of doing his thing, the protesters made their move.

They held up a sign blasting NAFTA.

Biden, a little slow on the uptake (and accustomed to blaming every problem on Trump) assumed the protesters were Trump-related. Of course, they were not.

It’s not Trump he’s fighting for the nomination, after all.

Nah, these were BernieBros making a statement on his turf.

This was Joe’s opportunity to show what he was made of. Would he reason with them? Treat them like hecklers? Use humor? Take back control of the meeting in some way?

Nope. He yielded the floor to them, looking pretty helpless and weak in the process.

See for yourself:

Trump would have been blasting them with mocking insults (‘run home to mommy’), or praising the wonderful security detail for whom he has so much respect. He would definitely take the spotlight away from the protesters so that it would be HIS message and not THEIRS that we talked about the next day.

But here we are, talking about Joe’s support of NAFTA, without even a clue what Biden’s theme for his campaign speech was.

Sleepy Joe did not win that round.

And because he came off as weak, you can expect to see a lot more Bernie Bro protests like it.