Impeachment ‘Hero’ Says That It ‘Makes Sense’ That The Russians Are Supporting Bernie (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on March 10, 2020

Here we go again with the Left breaking out those old Russia narratives, just in time for another election.

Isn’t it interesting how they paint the public into a corner where the only candidate NOT ‘tainted’ by Russia just happens to be the Democrat establishment pick?

And you would be right to have questions about that ‘amazing’ coincidence.

Fiona Hill — who was working with Schiff to oust President Trump over daring to believe that a President SETS foreign policy rather than merely rubber-stamping the foreign policy the bureaucrats TELL him to enact — has a few sketchy connections that would raise questions about the objectivity of her accusations.

For example, a possible Burisma entanglement would totally change how any story she brought to light about the Hunter Biden question might be thought to be motivated:

It would open up questions about whether she was somehow compromised as a witness, or using impeachment as a way of covering her own ass.

But 60 Minutes isn’t interested in any of that. They are too busy running with that Russia Narrative

By now the press has conveniently forgotten that TWO billionaires gobbling up advertising space failed to move the needle in a primary. But a few social media ads will somehow make all the difference in our election process. Related: If Mini Mike’s Mega Millions Couldn’t Buy An Election… What’s That Say About Russia?

Fiona Hill is waxing eloquent on all the ways she thinks Russia has the 2020 election cycle all mapped out… and their reasons for it.

They want Bernie and Trump. Because Joe would be a great unifier.

What a steaming pile of…

Bernie would be sympathetic to their policies.

Joe would be a pushover.

If anything, there are easily a few dozen reasons Putin would be happy to get rid of Trump if he could.

Those reasons could range from energy independence to arming the Ukrainians to dropping heavy sanctions on a number of their leaders, to strengthening the financial commitments to NATO and even opposing Germany’s construction of a second pipeline in from Russia.

But go ahead and keep chanting Russia, Russia, Russia.

They must love to see themselves portrayed as being so very powerful in the midst of our politics.