WATCH: Biden Calls Michigan Voter ‘Full Of Sh*t’ Over Second Amendment Views

Written by Wes Walker on March 10, 2020

Joe’s getting cranky, swearing, lying, insulting a voter and waving his finger in some guy’s face. Did Old Joe miss his nap?

After this exchange, it’s a safe bet this guy will not be pulling any levers for Joe, either now or in November.

One Michigan voter decked out with some other union members in his Auto worker gear showed up to hosted a Biden event. And he had some prickly questions Joe clearly wasn’t happy about hearing.

It’s hard to hear, but the opening line was ‘you are actively trying to abridge our Second Amendment rights and take away our guns.’

Of course the guy who just accepted ‘Beto’s’ endorsement would face a question like this. Biden said he admired Beto’s work on guns, and Beto was on record saying ‘Hell yeah’ he would be coming for your guns.

Biden proceeds to say he supports the Second Amendment … while also explaining why 2A advocates are wrong to want the kind of firepower that would serve as a meaningful deterrent to tyrannical shows of force.

You know… tyrants. The kind of politician that has forgotten exactly who it is that works for whom. Speaking of which, the worker told Joe in the exchange:

‘You’re working for ME, man.’

Either not understanding or not caring, Biden says he isn’t and then calls him a horse’s ass.

Charming, Joe. Way to take that ‘high road’. Imagine the outrage if Trump had said any of this? We’d never hear the end of it.

When he told Joe that his words were right there on video, Joe played the Twitter card and tried to write the video off as bogus and deceptive. Sure is easier than explaining away your actual words.

This is the same greasy politician who intentionally clipped Trump’s words denouncing racists in Charlottesville out of his campaign launch video to — you guessed it! — claim Trump was a racist.

When Union Guy tells Biden to stop sticking his finger in his face, raising his hand in between Joe’s angry finger and his own face saying ‘this is not ok’ — Biden sure does sound like he’s threatening to slap him in the face.

Here’s a video that’s a bit easier to hear the interaction:

Then he goes into some weird rant where he tries to claim the AR-15 is the same as a machine gun.

Oh, and somewhere in this train wreck, Joe demonstrated his vast knowledge of the topic by calling it an AR-14. We’d almost be willing to bet he’s dumb enough to unironically think the AR stands for ‘assault rifle’.

This guy and Bernie are seriously the best they’ve got? Looks like someone chlorinated their talent pool.


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