WATCH: Unhinged Dems Are Having Tantrums Like Children On The House Floor Over Coronavirus Stimulus Bill

Written by K. Walker on March 27, 2020

Where is Speaker Pelosi while two of her younger Democrat Congresswomen have tantrums on the House floor?

The Senate passed the bill with overwhelming bipartisan support–the vote was 96-0. The four senators that were unable to vote because of self-quarantine were Senators Mike Lee(R-UT), Rand Paul(R-KY), Mitt Romney(R-UT), and Corey Gardner(R-CO).

So, one hundred percent of the Democrats in the Senate voted for the relief bill, but that’s just not good enough for their House colleagues.

House Democrats are very upset that the Coronavirus stimulus bill doesn’t include socialism, mandates on diversity, sticking it to “big business” (ie. employers), so they’re having literal temper tantrums during their 60 seconds allotted to them to speak.

Two Congresswomen, in particular, decide to take the opportunity to behave like bratty children.

First up, Rep. Haley Stevens(D-MI) had a totally unhinged rant filled with dark imagery. It’s really difficult to make out what she’s saying, but it appears that this is an attempt to show support for medical professionals and calm Americans. Okaaaaaaayyy…

That is not going to calm anyone down.

Next up, of course, is AOC.

She’s been tweeting relentlessly about her displeasure that the deal doesn’t go far enough and she is very, very upset that the money is going to the employers that were forced to shut their doors by the government to prevent the spread of the virus.

She doesn’t seem to comprehend that if businesses die because of this, there won’t be jobs left. In order to have workers they need a place to be employed.

But then, we’ve seen AOC’s shortsightedness when she opposed the Amazon facility in her district and lost 25K jobs. She later crowed about Amazon opening up a smaller facility outside of her district with 1,500 jobs, and was rightfully dragged on Twitter for it.

Here she is going off on “cOrPoRaTe BaIl-OuTs” and the “choices” that Congress has to make.

Speaker Pelosi tried to shove funding for Planned Parenthood, diversity on corporate boards, arts funding, and airline emissions standards in her draft, so… SIT DOWN!

Crumbs, eh? Now, where have I heard that before?

These people are so predictable. You could have a wind-up toy spewing socialist drivel and it would be the same as AOC on the House floor.

I also want to say that it’s this kind of behavior that, as a woman, I find absolutely shameful. It couldn’t have been some other nutter like Rep. Hank Johnson(D-GA) behaving badly? It had to be two women. This is why people call women “hysterical” and “unserious” and that we’re “too emotional” to handle high-pressure jobs. Look, I’m no feminist, but I don’t begrudge women who want to work. All I ask is that you don’t act like a complete blithering moron while you do it. Is this too much to ask? Men don’t behave like that with the stomping and screeching.

I don’t let my children behave like that.

What they really need is for Speaker Pelosi to give them a Time Out.

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