Big Gov’t Wants You To Be Their Slave — It’s The ‘New Normal’

Written by Doug Giles on April 30, 2020

Have you ever known the government to give up power that it has gotten its mitts on? Why would the Church POSSIBLY want to let the government decide if public worship is ‘essential’?

Liquor stores and Walmarts are open. Those are apparently ‘essential services’. But Churches? Yeah… get back to us in three months or so and we just might open it up for ya. If you say pretty please.

Oh, you THINK so, do ya?

Christ’s Church, having withstood a couple of little bumps and scrapes over the years like — lemme see, there were famines, wars, smallpox, the Black Death, the Mongol Invasions and countless other hazards over two millennia is suddenly supposed to what, now?

Tuck tail and run? Over a freaking case of Kung Flu? Sorry, Skippy. It’s not gonna happen. Not on our watch.

Let all the other nutless wonders throw their little pinch of incense into the fire and mutter ‘Caesar is lord’. We won’t.

Let all the other servile sycophants comfort themselves with the words that discretion (or shall we call it wisdom?) is truly ‘the better part of valor’. We won’t.

Let all the pussified pastors justify to their timid little hearts that surely Jesus and the Apostles would understand. That they couldn’t possibly be expected to defy a Governor’s edict in the dire days of Kung Flu.

That’s not the Warrior & Wildmen vibe. Not at all. We’ll take our chances with pissing off human leaders rather than flipping that middle finger to God, thanks.

We’re gonna do this God’s way, no matter what those would-be tin-pot government overlords have to say about it.

Rich and I dig into Pastor Mario Murillo latest truthbomb on staying faithful to the call during the great Covid panic.

And we expose the true face of this ‘New Normal’ that the Church’s enemies are trying to shove down our throats. It’s ugly stuff.

We’re covering a lot of ground in this one. So buckle up!

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