COVID-19 FACTS: Debunking Media Hype and Social Media Hysteria

Written by Doug Giles on April 9, 2020

Lamest. Apocalypse. Ever.

If the Kung Flu Chinese Coronavirus was supposed to be the big bad End Of The World… how do we explain the data points that don’t make any sense at all?

Are we going to come out of the end of this crisis feeling like a bunch of chumps who let our civil rights get trampled, and Liberal Agendas get advanced all in the name of keeping us from safe that wasn’t the Big Scary Monster lurking under the bed that it was supposed to be?

Like the kid who mailed all those box tops only to find out his x-ray glasses don’t actually let you see through walls?

Our Warriors and Wildmen duo, Doug and Rich, break down the overblown panic, the screwy data models, and some juicy tidbits the media types have NOT been blasting in their 24/7 hysteria coverage.

And yes, there’s a Christian perspective on this global panic thrown in there, and some good tips on how NOT to get sucked into the panic votex, too.

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