Critics Have Bashed Trump Over His Handling Of The Coronavirus–Here’s What Democrats Would Have Done

Written by Wes Walker on April 8, 2020

They want it both ways. He’s done too little, and too much. He’s ‘literally Hitler’ and yet he’s failed to execute the unconstitutional and authoritarian policies they demand of him.

So it’s pretty clear that they are creating lose-lose scenarios for him. They want a damaging story to tell about Trump when this is all over, and by God, they will do absolutely anything to make that happen.

But what about the counterfactuals? What would the OTHER guys have done?

If Trump ‘failed to act’ soon enough, what were his Democrat counterparts saying at the same time?

Mostly, they were in #Resist Mode… taking the contrary position of anything he did or said, because it’s become a reflex.

Democrats are doing what they can to rewrite history, hoping people will forget what THEY were doing and saying as the outbreak was developing.

Even the WHO had offered contrary advice.

The left, including Bernie and Biden, blasted Trump as ‘xenophobic’ for closing travel to and from infection hot zones. Democrat leaders even virtue signaled by inviting people to attend parades, go to theatres, and visit Chinatown to prove they were not discriminating against the Chinese people.

When Trump halted travel, Biden and Bernie The Heritage Foundation’s Lyndsey Fifield identified numerous other instances of prominent media outlets criticizing the travel ban, in many cases without issuing any kind of correction. For example, The Verge cautioned that Trump’s policies “contradict advice from the World Health Organization (WHO), which said yesterday that countries should not restrict travel or trade in their response to the new virus.”called him Xenophobic…

STAT, a health and medicine news site, reported that the travel ban was similar to calls from “conservative lawmakers and far-right supporters of the president,” even as “public health experts … warn that the move could do more harm than good.” — FoxNews

But the worst offender may have been Pelosi.

On Jan. 15, when the first American with coronavirus returned from China, House Democrats were ceremoniously carrying their articles of impeachment against Trump to the Senate. (The president was acquitted overwhelmingly on each article of impeachment.)

Nevertheless, this week [early April], House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., accused Trump of endangering lives by wasting time. “As the president fiddles, people are dying,” Pelosi told CNN’s Jake Tapper.

“The president, his denial at the beginning, was deadly,” she claimed. — FoxNews

Oh… HIS denial. Right.

Jesse Watters brings receipts for who took this threat seriously and who did not. About who got it right and who got it very VERY wrong.

Pelosi attempted to compare Trump to Nero… if she was even bright enough to recognize the reference she was invoking:

As the President fiddles?

You mean, when you were handing out custom impeachment pens… or do you mean like when you were delaying the $2 Trillion financial assistance bill by almost a week because you tried to exploit an opportunity to stuff it full of completely unrelated Democrat social engineering projects or pork for your buddies like the Kennedy Center that STILL laid off their employees despite a multi-million dollar grant.

How was Pelosi taking this threat seriously?

By inviting people to Chinatown.

That was February 24th… long AFTER we had caught wind that this virus — in at least some of its victims — was something deadly serious.

Bernie weighed in. He was NOT interested in closing the border.

We need scientists to tell us the appropriate approach, he says. You mean, like WHO did? Their guidance changed day by day… and in some cases was explicitly the WRONG advice to follow.

And then there’s Joe… who managed to NOT prioritize restocking the respirators after the LAST similar crisis. He has thoughts about Trump closing the border.

The same people who want to throw any pastor who dares to minister in person to his congregation into a deep hole also opposed the closing of international travel to high-risk areas.

But TRUMP is the irrational one who disparages science.