There’s Still The Election

Written by Bill Thomas on April 8, 2020

On April 7, 2020, Wisconsin held an election in the middle of the pandemic. The Democrats in Wisconsin and around the country were pushing for voters to be able to mail-in ballots or postpone the election altogether. The New York Times whined in an editorial on April 7th, “Wisconsin Democrats wanted to extend absentee voting and even postpone the election altogether, but Republicans successfully blocked both in court.” 

The truth is that the Democrats were never really interested in protecting people’s right to vote. This was a way in which they could manufacture votes. Mail-in voter fraud is a real thing and the Democrats were hoping to use it to steal an election.

The Supreme Court decided in a 5-4 ideological split that limits an extension on mail-in ballots thwarting the Left’s hopes for a bountiful harvest of ballots.

The Democrats do have a primary on the ballot. Joe Biden, whose done nothing to merit front-runner status but was given it anyway, is taking on Democrat-Socialist Bernie Sanders. The big race in this key state is for State Supreme Court Justice. It features Justice Daniel Kelly, a Republican incumbent and backed by President Trump, against progressive Jill Karofsky.

Watching the election happen in Wisconsin, with people standing line six feet apart and wearing masks reminds me that politics can and does still go on. Despite the liberals fussing about how this should have been postponed, people still need to express their voices legally and appropriately in the ballot box. The results of the Wisconsin election won’t be revealed until next week.

So, considering that, where does the 2020 race stand?  We’ve been so engrossed in the pandemic (and not without reason), that it’s easy to forget the presidential race.

Sen. Bernie Sanders dropped out of the race on April 8th, perhaps clearing the road for Biden. The question now becomes will his followers support anyone else? I believe most of them won’t.  They’ll stay home and be angry that the Democrats ignore them.

The other big issue for the Democrats is will Joe Biden stay around long enough to be the candidate or will, by the end of the summer and the pandemic, the Democrats find a more attractive choice, like Governor Andrew Cuomo (D-NY)? There does seem to be some push for Cuomo, but it seems to me he is more likely to run in 2024 when he has time to put together a big campaign.

If it is Biden against Trump, where do we currently stand? The overall national polls have Biden up over Trump from anywhere from four to six points, however, those polls are meaningless, even if you believe them, which I don’t, because we don’t have a national vote.

What’s more important are the state by state polls. However, it is appropriate to say that basing anything on the polls now is risky. Why?

First, many of the current polls are what I call “shaper polls.” By that, I mean that the poll is intended to shape and influence public opinion. At this stage of the election, many pollsters, most of them left-leaning, want Biden to win so they “shape” their poll to say he is which encourages the base.

Second, I am convinced, as are others, that there is a “Trump factor” in the polls. People don’t report to pollsters that they support the president or the poll doesn’t accurately reflect the Trump turnout. I would argue that if you look at any current poll, you could be safe in adding to Trump’s total three to five percentage points to account for the “Trump factor.”

When these considerations are considered, the Trump campaign looks much stronger than the media wants to pretend. The Rust Belt states which delivered the presidency are still in reach for Trump or he may even be leading. Florida, Ohio and Iowa seem strong for Trump, too. He even seems poised to make a run in Minnesota, New Hampshire and possibly even New Mexico.

Trump supporters who are following whatever media is reporting on the election and not bashing Trump for the pandemic response should not fall for their shenanigans. Biden is not a strong candidate and he has yet to face any real opposition research. There are plenty of skeletons in old Joe’s closet besides his #MeToo embarrassment that some are hypocritically ignoring.

Activist Alyssa Milano has suddenly learned new words she didn’t know during the Kavanaugh hearing; “due process.” Here’s another word for her; hypocrite. There’s more, so much more, on Biden.

What does this all mean? A lot is going to happen between now and November that will affect how people think and what they think about. The key question, as I see it,  is who do you trust to rebuild the economy and the American spirit?  I believe most people will stick with the guy and  the administration that’s already done it. They’ll stick with Trump.

Bill Thomas
Bill Thomas lives in Washington, Missouri and is a professor at St. Louis Christian College. He's also on staff at First Christian Church in Washington, Missouri. He's authored two novellas, From the Ashes and The Sixty-First Minute published by White Feather Press of MI and three Bible studies, Surrounded by Grace, The Critical Questions and More and The Road to Victory published by CSS Publishing of OH.