De Blasio Tweet Singles Out Defiant Jews For Police Action — Ted Cruz Brings Him To TruthTown

Written by Wes Walker on April 29, 2020

Where are all those timid souls who claimed to be so worried about ‘Autocratic’ Trump now that De Blasio is pulling this crap?

For all the ‘literally Hitler’ references we’ve heard for the last three years, Trump is not the one threatening to round up Jews for defying government edicts that run clash in obvious ways with explicit Constitutional Rights.

The political Left has the market mostly cornered on that front. This is but the latest example of it.

In New York, at least TWO Democrat darlings, and well-connected TV talking heads, contracted the dreaded virus. That by itself is no big deal. What IS a big deal is that they were both caught wandering the city while infectious. The Governor’s own brother, Fredo from CNN was one. And ABC anchor George Snuffleupagus is the other.

Sorry. That’s the Sesame Street muppet. We, of course, meant the Democrat muppet and former Clinton-Comms-Director-turned-Senior-Advisor George Stephanopoulos.

Neither of them were made to pay any price for taking reckless action that literally endangered the lives of strangers. They did as they pleased with no consequence, even though (being infectious) they were the functional equivalent of a live grenade lobbed into the public.

Democrat darlings can walk around freely, and Rikers can offload the expense of housing convicted felons into the general population (with a predictable rise in crime), while uninfected people are made to stay home… ‘or else’.

His ‘Snitch Line‘ even featured an embarrassing photo of De Blasio in a public appearance, surrounded by people, while NOT wearing a mask.

And he has the audacity to single out one group in particular.

(Here’s a screen-grab in case he deletes it.)

Does he even KNOW what week it is on the Jewish Calendar? For context, a little more than 24 hours before De Blasio’s tweet, this was posted:

Talk about tone-deaf.

Ted Cruz took him to the woodshed over it.

We might point out that De Blasio singled out one particular religious group for his threats, and not for the first time. (Jews and Christians were threatened with the ‘permanent closure’ of religious meeting houses if they defied order not to worship corporately.

We can’t help but notice that he had the cojones to threaten Jews and Christians in Secular New York during Easter. But we are now in Ramadan.

As Trump once mused, will there be uniformity in this harassment? Or not?

Maybe instead of trying to micromanage people who are well — at the risk of trampling Constitutional rights — he should turn his attention to doing his job?

This issue, for instance, seems to be a higher priority.

Can you even IMAGINE the airplay this would get if De Blasio had an (R) after his name?


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