DEVASTATING: Clip Contrasts Obama’s Endorsement & Sleepy Joe’s Record (Video)

Written by Wes Walker on April 17, 2020

If even an ENDORSEMENT can backfire, roasting Joe to cinders, we can hardly wait for him to go Head-to-Head with Trump.

Except when running for President, Bernie Sanders was never really a Democrat. But he managed to find it within himself to endorse his opponent for his party nomination.

It was only one day AFTER Bernie’s endorsement that Joe’s ‘good friend’ Barack Obama was dragged kicking and screaming to give his own very tepid, generic endorsement of his former Veep.

Even the ‘safe’ and generic support Obama gave rang hollow.

Of course it did! Because just like the supposed virtues in the 44th President’s administration, there was an enormous gap between how he presented himself and how he actually conducted himself. Why wouldn’t there be? The media was too busy shielding him from criticism to expose any wrongdoing during his administration — including turning the IRS against his Tea Party political opponents during an election cycle.

THIS is the guy vouching for Biden’s virtue.

Ok, how well does Obama’s endorsement hold up?

Sleepy Joe is so very lucky to have a guy like Obama in his corner.

Is it any wonder the Democrats lost all those down-ballot races during his Presidency?

We’ve all seen the dishonest games the left have played with the power they’re entrusted with, they’re obviously unworthy of that trust.

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