EPIC SELF-OWN: CNN Flips Out When Trump Torches Media… With Their Own Words

Written by Wes Walker on April 14, 2020

Does CNN even have a CLUE how foolish their reaction makes them look?

It’s no secret that CNN has a visceral hatred for all things Trump. We already knew it from all those bogus stories they ran and then quietly backed away from… and some they were caught outright faking for no reason other than to slag the President.

(One of our favorite examples of just how petty they could be was the story they ran about the ‘overfeeding’ Koi fish. In order to run that story they had to insert a ridiculous and obvious edit to explicitly leave out the broader context of Trump doing exactly what his Japanese host had done moments earlier.)

Here’s a trip down memory lane to see some older examples of a trend that continues today: Yo, CNN: Here’s Why All Rational People Are MOCKING You Today

These pressers are proving to be a dangerous game for the drive-by Media to be playing. Because they don’t get to apply their usual hit-and-run political spin tactics. He is taking all the time he needs to unpack their questions, reply to them and — when necessary — rip them a new one for questions that have no purpose other than to regurgitate Democrat talking points and discredit the President.

This scrappy guy from Queens doesn’t back down from a fight. And when the Left was trying to build a ‘blood on your hands’ narrative out of whole cloth, Trump had their number. He threw their own words back in their faces.

In the middle of his press conference, he ran this clip:

The media was NOT amused. CNN, in particular, got their panties in a wad. You can tell by the four different angry chyrons they put up:

‘Angry Trump turns Briefing into propaganda session’

‘Trump uses task force briefing to try to rewrite history on coronavirus response’

‘Trump melts down in angry response to reports he ignored virus warnings’

‘Angry Trump uses propaganda video produced by government employees at taxpayers’ expense’.

Taxpayers’ expense, huh?

Fun game. Now do the Mueller Report and impeachment.

But we digress. Returning to the spanking Trump gave the media…

SOMEBODY is clearly mad. We’re not sure it’s Trump that’s frothing at the mouth, though.

It didn’t take long for this to backfire:

Yes. CNN IS propaganda. If there were ever any doubts, the Project Veritas scoop on the Zucker 9 am meetings should have put them to rest.

As recently as Mid-March, Dana Bash briefly spoke well of Trump, until someone above her apparently gave her leash a sharp tug. (For anyone lurking in the comment section: that’s a metaphor. Relax.)

Nope, nothing to see here:

Branco has the right idea:

These clowns keep lying in wait for the President.

It’s like a kid with a stick picking a fight with a rottweiler… it’s over before it even started.