Golf Pro Smoke-show Says Her Dates ‘Wanted One Thing’ — Nope, Not THAT

Written by Wes Walker on April 24, 2020

Paige Spiranac is a young golf pro, and absolutely gorgeous. She had a problem with dating, but probably not the one you might think.

Long-time Clash readers (to say nothing of golf fans!) will know the name Paige Spiranic.

She’s the blonde bombshell golfer who isn’t just gorgeous and insanely talented, but, topping it off, she’s bold in speaking her mind, too. (Examples in story links at the bottom.) What’s not to like?

If you don’t know we mean, here’s a video compilation for you.

You needn’t be a golfer to admire her perfect form.

In a podcast interview, she shared her dating horror stories. Telling guys she’s a golf pro may have seemed like a good icebreaker at the time… but it took the relationships (if you can call them that) in entirely the wrong direction.

Speaking recently on her “Playing A Round” podcast, Spiranac said she would begin conversations by conveying her golf expertise, which ultimately backfired.

“The one thing I always had was that I was a good golfer, and guys love golf. So. I would always open a conversation with, ‘Hey, I play golf,’ and anything along those lines and I thought it would work,” the 27-year-old explained. “Unfortunately, they were only using me for golf lessons and golf equipment.”

Spiranac recalled a few meet-ups at the driving range.

“They would be like, ‘So Paige, let’s go out on a golf date, I’ll take you to this driving range, and we can just hit golf balls.’ And I would be like, ‘Yeah, that sounds great,’ and it would turn into a lesson of me just helping the guy become a better golfer,” she explained. — NYPost

The worst example is the guy who had a girlfriend and just hit Paige up for ‘golf dates’, stringing her along for six months. Fortunately for her, now that she’s engaged, this is no longer a problem.

Ok, honest question, guys. We get that some of you are absolute golf fanatics, but… really?

What kind of mental trade-off has to happen for a guy to say to himself — I’d rather cash in a sneaky golf lesson than go on an actual real-deal date with someone who seems to be an all-around pretty awesome chica?

If she had said ‘yes’ to go out with one of you, would you want a Date or a Golf lesson?

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