MEME OF THE DAY: Sleepy Joe Featured In Parody Remake Of Mega-Viral Song (Video)

Written by Wes Walker on April 25, 2020

It was already a song with untold millions of views. It had rocked the charts last year, was rewritten and re-released with several other artists into several genres. And now it’s a meme.

Saying that Biden should have had a frank and honest conversation with his family about surrendering the keys to the family car instead of running for president is nothing new.

But the Democrats seem to love him and want him as their leader anyway.

If he wanted to wander off quietly into retirement, we’d let him.

Instead, he’s trying to become President. So, naturally, we mock him.

He picked this fight. We’re just playing to win.

Here’s the Old Town Road song reworked to fish slap tired old Joe.


We didn’t make it, we just enjoyed it like everyone else. Full credit to the author, whose YouTube page you can visit here.

Did you love it? Will they hate it?


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