HAMAS: Ilhan Omar’s Totalitarian BFFs Arrested Own Citizens For Doing THIS Ordinary Thing …With Jews

Written by Wes Walker on April 10, 2020

Maybe you thought pastors being arrested, or fines for kids playing catch with their dad seemed extreme, Hamas just had their ‘hold my beer’ moment.

Folks in the Gaza strip have been impacted by this global lockdown, just like the rest of us. And like most of the rest of us, they turned to the internet.

And for that, they will be punished.

No, they weren’t involved in criminal enterprises on the dark web.

They weren’t running some sketchy porn site.

They weren’t even doing anything ‘haram’ (religiously forbidden) like hosting an online music concert.

No, they were doing something much worse — they were having online chats… with Jews.

Hamas has arrested several Palestinian activists who participated in web-based video conference conversations with Israelis earlier this week to discuss cooperation between young people and the situation in the Gaza Strip, particularly in light of the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic.
Hamas accused the Palestinians of engaging in “normalization” activities with the “Israeli occupation.”
Several Palestinians in the Gaza Strip also took to social media to condemn the Palestinian-Israeli online meetings. Some claimed the video conferences with the Israelis could not have taken place without permission from Hamas.
“Why does Hamas allow such conversations to take place?” asked Nader Talal, a Hamas supporter in the Gaza Strip. “These people are traitors because they are promoting normalization with the enemy.”
Eyad al-Bazm, spokesman for the Hamas-controlled Ministry of Interior, said the activists were suspected of holding “normalization activities with the Israeli occupation via the internet.”
The suspects, he said, will be interrogated about their activities, and legal proceedings will be opened against them. — JPost

Yeah. You can’t have that.

Who ever thought of looking at people from other nations and cultures as ‘normal’.

No, Israel is the real enemy here. They are the real totalitarians.

Not HAMAS, the terrorist organization that arrests people for having video chats with Israelis.

Lucky for us we have people like The Squad to remind us of that, eh?


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