SOCIALIZED MEDICINE: Euro Docs Asking Patients If They’d Rather Be Treated Or Euthanized

Written by Wes Walker on April 10, 2020

Even patients NOT diagnosed with Chinese Coronavirus are being asked this ghoulish question.

The dirty little secret the Left doesn’t want the public to know is that State-funded medicine faces the same problem that privately-funded medicine faces. Resources — including money to pay for doctors and services — are NOT infinite, as socialists would suggest.

Like anyone else, State-funded hospitals need to make hard choices and allocate resources.

And when you’re playing with really thin margins to begin with, a crisis like this one can blow up your world. Shortfalls need to be made up somewhere.

You remember that ‘throwing granny off the cliff‘ commercial that Team Obama ran when we talked about addressing looming shortfalls in Medicare?

In the real world, that threat isn’t coming from ‘evil conservatives’. It’s coming from European socialists:

Dr. Frits Rosendaal is the head of clinical epidemiology at the Leiden University Medical Center, a member of the Royal Dutch Academy of Sciences and Art, a recipient of the Spinoza Award (the highest scientific prize in the Netherlands), and the author of nearly 500 papers published in international scientific journals. Yet in a recent interview with Spanish newspaper El Español, Rosendaal caused outrage when he insinuated that elderly people diagnosed with the coronavirus, or COVID-19, are not being treated in the Netherlands.

Speaking of the different cultures between Italy, Spain, and the Netherlands, Rosendaal said that because senior citizens are more respected in those countries, with a higher “cultural position,” they receive health care — but in the Netherlands, they would essentially be left to die. “In Italy, the capacity of ICUs is managed very differently,” he said. “They admit people that we would not include because they are too old. The elderly have a very different position in the Italian culture.”

…Furthermore, another report published in Il Giornale, an Italian newspaper, alleges that elderly people are being asked if they want to be ventilated long-term, or if they would rather let nature take its course — even if they haven’t been diagnosed with COVID-19. Il Giornale said this is happening to avoid overcrowding hospitals, but still criticized the measure, saying, “In short, we are faced with a sort of natural selection masked by selective euthanasia.” — LifeSite

Oh, you think THAT’s cold?

No. Real ‘cold’ is the Dutch Finance Minister, Wopke Hoekstra, who had to apologize because he wanted Spain and Portugal investigated.

Investigated for what, you ask? For wasting money on keeping granny alive during the pandemic.

Finance ministers clashed last week over whether the European Union should issue so-called corona bonds — a proposed joint debt instrument which all member countries would guarantee. Nine countries, including France, Spain, Italy and Portugal, backed the idea while Germany and the Netherlands rejected it.

That position — and Hoekstra’s reported call for the EU to probe why some countries don’t have the financial buffers to cope better with the economic shock — infuriated Southern European countries such as Italy, Spain and Portugal. — Politico

And in the end… the Netherlands STILL refused to step up and help other EU nations foot the bill for Coronavirus treatment. So much for that EU solidarity. You forfeit autonomy and get… what exactly? Brexit is looking like a better decision every day.

Obviously, the Dutch wouldn’t have bothered to save granny’s life in their OWN country. Why ‘waste’ the money?

That’s right… the Medicare For All guys back here in America are trying to institute a model that — when fully implemented in Europe — picks and chooses whose life is worth the effort.

Ironically, someone like Bernie Sanders would have every effort expended to have his life saved in an AMERICAN hospital (no matter HOW much he disparages America), but in Europe, it would be some bean counter’s decision whether his life was worth the effort or not.

After all, why waste precious government resources that could be better used elsewhere?

Put in simpler terms: Big Government dehumanizes people. Period. Smaller Government gives them the dignity of autonomy.

God Bless America.