Is A Steep Price Tag For Liberty Being Quietly Attached To Our Coronavirus Response?

Written by Wes Walker on April 2, 2020

Two things can be true at the same time. The virus is horrible, and the political ‘medicine’ has … let’s call them ‘side effects’.

It is possible to acknowledge the very serious health (and economic) threat now looming over us in the form of the Wuhan Chinese Coronavirus… to acknowledge the disruption, the death, the fear, and the havoc it is wreaking on civilized societies around the world and STILL ask some pointed questions about the impact our response is having.

As we have heard again and again, the response we are seeing to this disease, the LOCKDOWN protocols we are enacting — the social distancing and all the rest — are ‘unprecedented’.

The wartime retooling of factories to ramp up the production not of munitions or weapons of war, but of medications, masks, and ventilators has never before happened.

The nearly instantaneous turning off of an almost super-heated economy, throwing millions into chaos and uncertainty has never happened before.

And Americans — like so many times before — have stepped up in the name of the common cause, to do whatever needs doing.

But some voices are exploiting this opportunity to target something else in a way that has never been messed with before — our liberties.

What lessons will we learn — or fail to learn — from history? Will we so easily trade our liberty for security?

Are we even getting the FULL story in the shutting down of churches and arrests of pastors?

Editor’s Note: No, we’re not. Some key details came out in this conversation about the arrest of that Floridian pastor that we had not encountered in any reporting elsewhere.

Game-changing details.

Michael O’Fallon walks us through some of the key implications being foisted on us in the name of ‘the greater good’ — showing their similarities and differences with other parts of the world where citizens’ freedoms are not taken for granted.

He also compares the compliance to the state — even among the believers — in both of those settings.

His observations might shock you. They will most CERTAINLY make you think about these things in a very different light.

What was Reagan’s quote? “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.”

What are we doing in OUR generation to preserve it?

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