WATCH: Bohemian Rhapsody Gets The Coronovirus Quarantine Treatment

Written by Wes Walker on April 3, 2020

We had come across the lyrics for this adaptation before. Now it’s been put to music.

If you’re looking for a break in the monotony of being on lockdown, here’s a little ‘modified’ rendition of Queen to get you by.


It’s picking up off an all-too-familiar theme.

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They were even good enough to include the words (originally written by Dana Jay Bein) for anyone inclined to join in.

If you prefer the real deal and would rather remember the ‘good old days’ when we could still gather in large groups without creating mass panic, here’s an awesome blast from the past for you.

It was a concert of 65,000 people gathered, and while the crew was getting everything set up, some tunes were playing over the speakers to keep everyone happy.

When Bohemian Rhapsody came up, we got to see an absolutely amazing impromptu version of that song where almost the entire crowd sang it — almost flawlessly!

4M Views: 65,000 Fans Sing Queen Song Perfectly BEFORE Main Act Gets On Stage


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