LMAO: Did Sleepy Joe Nod Off In His Own Virtual Town Hall?

Written by Wes Walker on April 29, 2020

Now that Democrats are down to the choice of voting Joe or staying home, reluctant supporters have been trickling in. Yesterday, Joe locked up that coveted Hillary Clinton endorsement.

If your reaction to that news is *yawn*… you’re getting ahead of the story.

From reports of those who willingly suffered through actually watching it, it sounds like Hillary did all the talking. As in, spoke something like all but two minutes of the townhall.

That would be pretty Classic Hillary to make an endorsement all about herself, now wouldn’t it.

Whatever she was saying must have been absolutely riveting public discourse. As you can see, Joe was absolutely on the edge of his seat.

No, wait. That’s not exactly what I was trying to say.

He was on … ‘the edge of consciousness’? Yes, THAT’s more like it.

The pathos. The drama. The soaring rhetoric of the Hildebeast’s droning voice.

Thanks, Joe.

Thanks for reminding us how very glad we are that we dodged that bullet back in 2016.

It’s ok. You can go back to sleep.

You’re not missing anything.

Remember when Trump gave him that nickname, and we wondered why he would pick THAT name of all the available options? Maybe he knew something the rest of us didn’t.