‘One Day More’: Funny Musical Family Sets Quarantine Living to Music (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on April 1, 2020

We’re all going a little bit stir-crazy with being locked up at home.

All the usual rhythms of life are messed up.

One family in the U.K. is making the best of it by doing a musical tribute to Les Miserables.

Watch “One Day More” The COVID-19 Quarantine Edition:

Not only are the Marsh clan pretty damned talented, with a good sense of humor, but they really nailed it with this song.

They’ve captured a lot of the little frustrations that come from having ordinary life thrown on its head for this pandemic.

Fans of the original will appreciate this even more for how they stayed true to the original.

They got the overlapping of the voices right blending the different storylines and they even managed to keep some of the original lyrics at key points.