One Of The Dream Team Memers Makes An Ad Mocking Biden’s VP Search And It’s HILARIOUS!

Written by Wes Walker on April 22, 2020

It’s hard work putting together something that mocks Biden worse than he mocks himself. But dedicated Meme artists work hard to put together work like this.

His own supporters make it even HARDER to mock him by doing the job for us. Like they did by unveiling that Team Joe make-your-own avatar idea that was WAY too tempting a target to mock him with.

Not only do the satirists have to out-crazy Joe himself, but now they have to top his supporters, too.

And we have a feeling the source material meme workers have to work with will just get more and more outrageous the closer we get to November.

But for now, they’re doing a good job of keeping up.

Here is one riffing off of Joe’s search for a running mate.

With Joe, you don’t even have to edit what he says or make dishonest clips to misrepresent and slander his opponent the way ‘honest’ Joe did on the day he announced his election.

Nope. All you have to do is put his actual words on display… and ask yourself:

Is this REALLY the guy we want representing our national interests, going toe-to-toe against some really clever, Machivallean, and nasty world leaders?

Or does Joe look more like the guy who should have caring family members speak frankly to him about whether it might be time to stop driving the family car?

Now let’s spell this out for the super-serious fact-checkers and hall-monitors out there.

THIS is what dishonest slander about your opponent looks like:

Example 1, As Done By Politicians: Creepy Joe Biden Joins The Race With A Video Pushing the Charlottesville Lie

Example 2, As done by ‘objective’ Media: CNN’s Chris Cuomo ‘Deceptively Edited’ A Video Of Trump… To Push An Obvious Lie

And THIS is what simple contempt and mockery looks like: