COVID TYRANNY: Mom Led Away In Handcuffs For Letting Kids Play In Park (Video)

Written by Wes Walker on April 22, 2020

*Update* Another video from earlier in the incident makes this incident look even WORSE for the role the police played in it. Any skeptical ‘benefit of the doubt’ we had for these officers in the beginning has evaporated.

The media telling us for years that Orange Man Bad is an authoritarian puppet of Putin and ‘literally Hitler’ just created an environment where REAL authoritarians thrive.

They leveraged a crisis to create a panic. When enough citizens become terrified lemmings look for a Savior and turn to the State for Guidance, opportunities abound for the State to trample our rights in the name of the ‘greater good’.

With ZERO consideration of the broader consequences.

In some cases, the fear of the pandemic led to the mass dumping of convicts into the general population, without consideration of what happens to them, and their communities, when they get out there if there are no jobs to be had. De Blasio seemed genuinely confused about why people he had just released were arrested for committing new crimes.

We see elites — taking heads on TV, no less! — who are Covid-positive breaking quarantine with impunity, but demanding that the hammer be brought down on ‘little people’ who want nothing more than the right to keep going about their lives.

On the other end of the spectrum, parents of kids (among the LOWEST risk group for serious complications of this virus) are being led away in handcuffs for doing less to endanger the community than Cuomo or Stephanopoulos.

Her crime?

That’s tough to make out from the context. It is possible there is an issue of an outstanding warrant or some such. Details like that would completely change this story, and we would gladly correct the record if they do. [Editor’s note: not anymore. See update comment above.]

But if we take this situation on its face, it looks like this mom is being led away in handcuffs for … letting children play in the park on a sunny day.

Listen to the objections by the other parents coming to the defense of the mom.

‘But the lockdown is over! The Governor told us last night the lockdown was over!’

As part of the update, here’s the other video from earlier in the confrontation. Note, the police are explicitly told that she has kids in that park and there is nothing in the video that indicates police did anything to make sure they were properly cared for when their mom was led away in handcuffs.

Adding to the confusion are press releases like this one:

“Recreate Responsibly Idaho” campaign aims to make outdoor recreation safe from coronavirus spread

There’s no evidence that there was even an attempt to talk to, inform, or disperse the crowd. She was straight up ARRESTED. Just her.

For shame!

But let’s all keep the world safe from the WuFlu by releasing sex offenders into the public.

When the dust clears from this insanity, and we see just how power-mad it has made some of our elected — and unelected — government officials, there is going to be HELL to pay.